So you think you don’t need a logo?

Design is important.

PhotoCongratulations on starting your business! Your product or service may be excellent and innovative, but the only way for anyone to discover it is if something unique first catches their eye. You know your product or service is excellent: represent it well and show pride in your business!

It is essential to have you “look” determined right from the start of your new venture. Too many small businesses decide design work is inaccessible and unaffordable, not meant for their startup budgets. They hold off, or worse, plop in some generic image as a “placeholder” until they get around to developing a brand. Or, they turn to a friend, family member, or distant online freelancer—someone who will work for cheap or free and approximate the look they seek.

The problem with compromising on a logo early in the game is this: early on, when no one knows your business, is just when it’s most important to stand out. Your business is small and locally-based, and you risk being drowned out unless something catches people’s eyes. A unique, authentic sign, business card, or website are the first elements to draw attention and pull someone in. When a look is professionally and thoroughly executed, people will take you seriously as a business and know you mean to stick around. Before you even consider a business card or website—key elements for any business—you need a logo. Don’t lose time, money, and potential clients by putting it off.

Ideally, you are busier and more successful as time goes on. A sudden need to re-brand, discarding the quickie design you settled for in the beginning, will not only be a hassle but will be confusing to your customers. The friend you relied on originally may become too busy and that online freelancer has long ago disappeared into the labyrinth of the interweb. Starting right and developing a relationship with a local designer will lend to much smoother sailing as your business grows … not to mention the fact that a good look will help you to grow that much faster!

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