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beverly-show-011A convergence of occurrences this season have lead to a win-win-win offering here at Wheatberry (or, well, close next door at my neighboring fine-art site

Occurrence #1: My parents cleaned out the closet in my childhood bedroom and unearthed a bunch of framed prints that were de-accesioned from my gallery a few years ago. Leading them to once again kindly request that I go through all the old art stashed in various corners of their house and do something with it.

Occurrence #2: A presidential election that stands to threaten a lot of causes near and dear to those who hold respect for the environment as a central ethic in their lives (extending to respect for all life and thus to social justice issues, as well).

Occurence #3: Fa lalalala! It’s the holidays!

SO, I feel giving and sharing to be especially paramount this holiday season, and I just so happen to have something I very much want to give. This is it: I am selling ALL of my art inventory on a pay-what-you-can basis (plus a flat $5 rate for shipping, if necessary) – and 50% of each sale goes to a nonprofit of choice. I have selected Maine Organic Farmers’ and Gardeners’ Association, Natural Resources Council of Maine, The Resilience Hub, 350 Maine, and The Dakota Access Pipeline Fund as the beneficiaries, but if there is another cause you would like to support, just let me know.

Here’s how it works: follow this link to my fine art site, including prints, drawings, collage, and artists’ books. Work on this (Wheatberry Design) site, including original drawings on which I based some logos, and the artwork on this page, is also available (one occurrence that did not converge so serendipitously – Wheatberry is under re-construction right now, so my portfolio is a little wacky. Apologies.). Take note of the work that interests you, and use this form to place your order. I will contact you to let you know of availability and to confirm your order, at which point I will send you a secure link for payment.

Please keep in mind: no amount is too small. I will not be offended if you offer even just a few dollars for a piece of work. I would rather it be seen and appreciated – and for causes we care about to receive any small amount of support – than to fester in my (parents’) closet.

Limited framing options available. Contact me for more information.

Thank you for supporting art and the environment and for spreading the love this holiday season!


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