mainefarmsAs an occasional farmer/gardener, chef, and passionate local food advocate, I started Wheatberry in large part out of my desire to be of use to the agricultural community I so deeply admire and respect. In an effort to maximize my accessibility to a sector that operates on a slim budget, I offer flexible payment plans. When embarking on a project together, we can customize the best payment method to fit both of our needs. Options include but are not limited to:


Royalty System

Particularly if I design for a value added product (e.g. a label for a line of jams or a new cheese), after a small initial deposit, I will take a set percentage of sales, paid quarterly, until the project is paid off.

CSA Barter

I will gladly accept a farm share in exchange for design work from one farmer each season!

Other Barter

Let’s talk.  You just may have a resource or service, farm-related or otherwise, that I have been seeking.

Hour Exchange

From time to time, depending on budget needs, I am able to accept clients through Hour Exchange Portland.


Often, business owners go to a designer for a logo, then order business cards from an online service, then order a sign from a local screenprinter . . . and on and on.  I understand that not only are farmers unable to set aside a large amount of money for marketing, they also cannot afford the time it takes to create a brand identity. Service fees also add up as you jump from vendor to vendor. I can act as a one-stop-shop, designing your image and ordering any of the necessary items (signs, business cards, tents, fliers, etc.) you want printed at a competitive rate.

A combination of any of the above in combination with some cash fees, depending on individual circumstances.

Plus, a freebie!

Every project comes with a free sheet of stickers containing your logo! Why, you ask? Well, my original idea was to provide a free travel mug with your logo. I pictured satisfied farmers walking around Common Ground Fair and braving the early mornings at farmer’s markets touting their mugs and getting themselves a free bit of advertising. But minimum order requirements are such that I would have to offer you 50 free mugs, which I could not afford, nor can I imagine you would want. Also, I do not like to waste resources.  Almost everyone already has a favorite travel mug: slap a sticker on it, and voila, portable, caffeinated promotion! Use the rest to stick on your value added products, your receipts, your bumper, your forehead. . . And if you don’t have a favorite travel mug, I will provide you with a free blank one to go with your stickers!

I am open to feedback about other ways I can best serve agriculturalists!


Contact Wheatberry now for a quote to meet your needs!

I really, really like it! It touches my heart. It’s more than a logo. Its an accurate portrait and portrayal. I almost feel like it’s something of a quick sketch biography. Thank you!

Binyamin Klempner - The Vegetable Gardener (Beit Shemesh, Israel)

Erin was great to work with and very intuitive. She listened to what I was looking for and came up with a design that fit what I was looking for perfectly. I was informed…

Zack Paakkonen - Portland Legal

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Wheatberry Design. I went into the project figuring we would need to work on multiple design options, but loved the first idea Erin had! My ideas…

Wes Covey - Musician, Album Cover Design

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