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A convergence of occurrences this season have lead to a win-win-win offering here at Wheatberry (or, well, close next door at my neighboring fine-art site Occurrence #1: My parents cleaned out the closet in my childhood bedroom and unearthed a bunch of framed prints that were de-accesioned from my gallery a few years ago. Leading them to once again kindly request that I go through all the old art stashed in various corners of their house and do something … Read More

My Story

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Excuse me while I tell my story, as much for myself as I transition into a new phase of the creative life as for anyone who may be curious to know my motivations and seek resonance with their own. This is a story of how I got from here: To here: Identifying as a creative person is a confusing and somewhat existential thing. I had a wild imagination as a kid, drawing and writing, playing make-believe, and making up … Read More


I like computers. I like being able to connect with people far away—both old friends and those I’ve never met. I’m intrigued by the communities that can form online in ways they could not otherwise. I’m touched by the interactions that can occur. And I like my computer as an artistic tool. Without the design programs I use, I would not be able to create my work in a way that is useful to those I want to help. I … Read More

BizIn Grant Awardee Announcement

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Hi friends! Remember the BizIn Grant I was promoting in my newsletter and Facebook page a few months ago? If you missed it, BizIn is a collaborative project some b2b colleagues and I put together, offering a grant of services–including design, marketing, law, and copywriting assistance–to a worthy local business. Well, we’ve selected that worthy business, which you can read all about in our press release below. I’m looking forward to sharing my tofu-inspired designs as they develop!   Press Release … Read More


Invest in the millennium -Wendell Berry, Manifesto: the Mad Farmer Liberation Front Recently, I was working at a trade show, “wo-maning” a booth for my new job at a publishing company promoting the “best of what’s healthy, local, and green in Maine” (more on that later), when a passer-by asked my co-worker “What does sustainable actually mean?” It’s a word we were throwing around a lot that day, and that everyone hears all the time, so frequently we rarely question … Read More

Local Is Relative

I was sitting at my desk one quiet afternoon, working on some lettering, when my phone (and alarmingly, computer, simultaneously—I haven’t figured out all these new i-thingies yet) rang. It was a farmer calling from Israel, not generally the type of call I receive on a Tuesday afternoon. He had seen my drawings in the New Farmer’s Almanac and wanted me to draw the logo for his new enterprise: setting up urban farms in people’s backyards, empowering them to grow their … Read More


I love a good kohlrabi. I am equally content immersing myself in its contours and characteristics, exploring its earthiness while rendering its charmingly lumpy shape, as I am chopping it up to roast with some fellow roots veggies (particularly excellent with curry powder). I know I am very much not alone in my obsession with food and cooking, as any quick trip to the blogosphere or Pinterest will indicate. Food is one of those universally uniting forces, which is part … Read More


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How I love lists. Being accountable only to myself during the course of any given workday, I have to figure out how to get from morning to evening in a meaningful and productive way. Enter The List. I color-code mine: blue pen for work-related things, black for everyday life kinds of things—things I slip in during breaks or after-hours (my hours, yes, but those black lists remind me to actually keep hours delineated between Work and The Rest of Life). … Read More

So you think you don’t need a logo?

…Design is important. Congratulations on starting your business! Your product or service may be excellent and innovative, but the only way for anyone to discover it is if something unique first catches their eye. You know your product or service is excellent: represent it well and show pride in your business! It is essential to have you “look” determined right from the start of your new venture. Too many small businesses decide design work is inaccessible and unaffordable, not meant for … Read More