Wheatberry Design is about connecting values to images. I make a creative contribution to the community by offering hand-drawn design and fine-art commissions, and I strive to do so in a carbon-negative, impact-positive manner. My designs are organic and intimate, catered to small, local startups. I work one-on-one and value the relationships I build with my clients and customers. Because I target business owners whose ethos regarding sustainability and the local economy resonates with my own, I am genuinely interested in the success of the businesses they run. I bring to Wheatberry Design a passion for the environment, a solid work ethic, and an eye for design with a fine artist’s touch.

Wheatberry Design

Wheatberry Design works one on one with clients to create custom designs to suit your needs. Recognizing that small businesses need to stay competitive and therefore have a strong visual presence, but may not have the deepest pockets, Wheatberry is accessible and affordable. Contact me to set up a free initial consultation and discuss customized payment plans!

Erin Smith

With a Master’s degree in Fine Art printmaking, I entered the art world surrounded by hundreds’ years old processes and techniques.  When I decided to enter the design world, it was with a strong respect for traditional, precise, and hands-on approaches. My designs always begin in the sketch book and maintain their drawn quality when adapted for digital use. In the emerging localized economy, the producer plays an integral, often intimate, role in manufacturing the product. I believe the intimacy of the human hand should be evident in that product’s image.

Raised nearby in Portsmouth, NH by a social worker mother and architect father, I engendered a love of design and compassion for others from an early age. I finished my schooling eager to plug into a diverse and vibrant community and to make a tangible contribution outside the gallery walls. Ready to dedicate myself to a creative life in a socially engaged, environmentally conscious manner, I chose Maine as the place to manifest these goals. I will continue to do my best to give back in equal measure to what this amazing state has given me.

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I really, really like it! It touches my heart. It’s more than a logo. Its an accurate portrait and portrayal. I almost feel like it’s something of a quick sketch biography. Thank you!

Binyamin Klempner - The Vegetable Gardener (Beit Shemesh, Israel)

Erin was great to work with and very intuitive. She listened to what I was looking for and came up with a design that fit what I was looking for perfectly. I was informed of her progress every step of the way. I would recommend her to anyone who has design needs for their business.

Zack Paakkonen - Portland Legal

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Wheatberry Design. I went into the project figuring we would need to work on multiple design options, but loved the first idea Erin had! My ideas and thoughts were easily worked into the design, and Erin explained what would and wouldn’t work in a very accessible manner. From first design sketch to final product, every part of the project was easy and beautifully realized!

Wes Covey - Musician, Album Cover Design

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